You Choose

Recalling the famous quote “we are the sum total of all our experiences” means that there must be an element of choice when deciding who we want to be. Understanding that life never quite turns out as it’s planned, we still lay out a path for ourselves, hoping that the reality will be somewhat similar to the idea we had in the first place.


Our environment

Growing up in the suburbs of a big city, younger than we are now, we both followed a career path dictated by our studies. However living for extended periods of time outdoors has resulted in us drifting away from our previous professions. Put simply, we love immersing ourselves in nature, and even if you don't believe it's possible to change yourself, believe us when we say our environment has had a big impact on who we are.


Life tools

Just like school can give us the life tools for the future, so can travelling the world by bicycle. It has taught us that having time and using it to follow our passions, is far more rewarding than chasing money. And once we learned to live with less, our limited funds have taken us a long way.


Who are we?

Trying to sum ourselves up in a couple of sentences is really difficult, instead we anticipate that through this website you will learn who we are, and hopefully it will serve you with the same purpose as it does for us, energizing everyone to go out and explore Japan by bicycle. If you are interested to find out about our adventures outside of Japan, please click on the link below: