Mountains and Forests

Some people are surprised to know that more than two thirds of Japan’s land is sparsely inhabited, which is strange in a place famous for its megacities. But these cities are like urban islands, linking through narrow passages of flat land, whilst the rest of country is dominated by dense forest and towering mountain ranges.


Hot springs  

Onsens are a big part of Japanese culture and have been for a long time, the simple act of bathing forces us to take in the moment and look at the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. Due to the high concentration of Onsens in Japan, means we often find ourselves soaking in hot water after hard days riding, a luxury that never gets old.


Seasonal cycling

Japan has four distinct seasons, all bringing their own experience. Depending on where you are, winters can be bitterly cold, with summers being hot and humid. However the country is long, and runs north to south. So what might be an unwise season to go cycle touring in one part of the country, could be the perfect season in another.



Too many times we've heard people saying that they’ve longed to visit Japan, but tell themselves it's not an affordable destination. Our biggest expense without a bicycle and a tent would be transport and accommodation, but by cycling and camping we can cut out those costs, and travel low budget for long periods of time.