What will we discover in our quest to cycle deep in the mountains? Japan poses a huge challenge, maps show a maze of possibilities and contour lines remind us of the steep terrain that riddles this country. Many pass hunting attempts will surely end in failure but keeping the bicycle light will help us a lot over those tough sections.



Bike travel is really taking off in Japan, and lots of cyclist are coming each year to explore this country. We want to connect with as many people and businesses as we can to help promote bicycle travel as the best way to explore this country.


Sustainable traveling

Tourism often goes hand in hand with degrading the environment, cars and buses bring thousands of people into the mountains each year, and those vehicles bring pollution. Just by camping and cycling, our carbon footprint becomes dramatically lower, cutting out all the energy consumed by transport and accommodation.


Cycle touring website

After travelling the world on a bicycle our outlook on life changed, and now we’re convinced that cycle touring can improve other people's perspective of the world. Currently living in Japan, we don’t have jobs in the traditional sense. Instead we dedicate our time to this project, in the hope that one day we’ll produce an extensive website about cycle touring in Japan.