Alternative and Sustainable travel within Japan!

What do you want to do when you return to Japan? How do you want to live from now on? These themes played themselves over and over inside our heads, in the three years it took to pedal our way to Japan. There were a lot of weird and unrealistic ideas, the sort of ideas that are bound to develop on a open desolate road, with only our minds to keep us company. Now and again we would match our pedal pace when a light bulb went off and we would share our ideas until one of us would bin it. But on one particular day grinding up a hill in the himalayas we started on the idea of making a website about cycle touring in Japan. Both of us were pretty keen on the idea and as we cycled the last few months of the trip it developed into a more concrete plan. It suited us perfectly, we feel so passionate about cycle touring, and having a way to continue this passion whilst discovering our new home felt like an ideal combination. We want to push this means of exploring the country to locals and anyone considering to visit. Now that we’ve planted a seed for ourselves we have to work on growing the idea, and through this website you can see those developments.

Support us

A steady income is somewhat of a distant memory for us, the plan has been and will continue to be, a very frugal one. The majority of the research for this website will be done in a similar way in which we have travelled the world. Most nights will be in our tent, food will be cooked on our stove and transport will be pedal power. We estimate our combined daily spend in Japan to be more than most places in the world, but we hope to keep it around 1000¥ per day. Some might think that is a pretty miserable existence, living on a small amount of money, eating the same food day in day out. However our reality is the immense feeling of gratitude for the small things that we have begun to appreciate by being on the road for long periods of time. Any donation we receive will be highly appreciated, it will be our fuel to explore and ultimately result in a more comprehensive website dedicated to discovering Japan by bicycle.