We like to be comfortable and rely on our gear in all weather conditions, having a good quality tent, sleeping bag and mattress are essentials for us. Right now the road is our home, so we want to be as comfortable as we can in wet weather or high winds, a good tent plays a large role in that comfort. Nutrition is also very important to spending months at a time on the road, so being able to cook healthy nutritious meals each day is really important and using a petrol stove means we don't need to discard single use gas cartridges all the time.




Tent: EXPED Venus II Extreme

Footprint: EXPED Venus II footprint

Pillows: EXPED AirPillow Lite L

Mayu’s Mattress: EXPED SynMat UL S

Mayu’s Sleeping Bag: Montbell Down Hugger 800 Women's #2

Elliot’s Mattress: EXPED SynMat HL M

Elliot’s Sleeping Bag: Montbell Down Hugger 800 #2 Long

Wash Cloth: Finetrack

Towel: Quick dry microfiber towel



Stove: Soto Stormbreaker

Pot: Soto Navigator Cook System

Knife: Morakniv Companion MG

Food Container: Hydro Flask 12 oz Food Flask

Flask: Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth

Filter:  Grayl Ultralight

Cutlery: 2 x spoons, 2 pair of chopsticks

Other bits and bobs: 2 lighters, Bag of salt, Bag of curry powder, Olive oil, Soy sauce, Miso paste and Dashi powder



Laptop: Apple Macbook Air 11 inch mid 2012

Laptop case: Thule Gauntlet 13.3 / AmazonBasics 11.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Camera: Nikon D7000

Lens: 18-55 (everyday use) / 180mm (wildlife photography)

Bike Lights: Cateye Volt 700 (out of production, now Volt 800/ Cateye Rapid mini 

Bike Computer: Cateye Stealth EVO+

Phone: Fujitsu Arrows M03

Solar Charger with Power Bank 5600mAh : Mobile Solar Chargers



8mm spanner

10mm spanner

Brooks seat spanner

Allen Keys 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 mm (6mm can use on pedals)

Foldable chain breaker

Spoke key

Cassette tool

Tire levers

Toothbrush (we have another for cleaning our teeth!)

Chain oil

Bike pump

Swiss army knife



Brake cable

Gear cable

10cm of 9 speed chain

Sram 9 speed power link

Inner tube

Patch kit and glue

Cable ties